I am an advocate, consultant, and counselor who recognizes that there are significant barriers to full inclusion for people with disabilities in the United States and the world in general.

I am committed to increasing access for people with disabilities and work with a wide range of stakeholders. You may have come here to read my blog “View From The Chair” which chronicles my experiences, thoughts, and reflections as a person with a disability, if so, please click on the above page tab at any time.


Please help! The needs of people with disabilities have historically been ignored or marginalized and that needs to change! One way to start this process is to ask businesses if they have a plan to serve people with disabilities. If they do not, tell them they need one, and refer them to this website.

We need to let businesses of all kinds know that we care about people with disabilities, because if we do, they will look for ways to increase access.


As a business are you prepared to serve the 56 million people in the United States who have disabilities?

Do you have a plan in place for your business to increase access for people with disabilities? or mobility issues?

Can your business afford to ignore 20% of the population? A percentage that will rise significantly in the next decade.

I suspect the answer is “no” to all three questions.

Is there someone who help you address all three of these questions? Yes!

I am here to help you.

Not with and email, or a phone call, or a brochure, or a one time training but with subscription package that will continue to address these issues over time.

If you have a question you can call me directly. If a customer has a problem, they can call me directly and we will mediate a solution that will keep not only this customer coming back but will create new customers.

I will personally come to your physical space and conduct an accessibility audit which identifies issues you can address that will increase access to your business and increase the number of customers you serve.

You need my sticker! Are there symbols which identify businesses who have the needs of people with disabilities in mind? No. As a member, you will receive a concrete symbol that you care. It will change the way that people think about your business. It will expand your customer base. It will set you apart. You need my sticker! You need me!